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Pre - Production


We will work together to develop your concept or idea and bring it to life. Our team will greet you and get down to pre-production business by helping you plan your shoot, hire experienced cast and crew, and even assist you in acquiring additional financing, if you need it. We will do our best to ensure your project is complete and successful.



Our production crews capture compelling footage and have experience making films for broadcast TV, corporate, online and promotional campaigns. Every project is different and unique, requiring the right crew and tools. We have a selection of professional crew members to choose from, in order to obtain the right tools and avoid unnecessary expenses or delays. Working in harmony makes everyone happy and promotes a blueprint for success.

Post - Production


Our post-production facilities include video editing with Premiere, After Effects, color grading, motion graphics, compositing, animation, voice-over, sound design, subtitling and more.

Production Suite Rentals


Who needs a crew when you can do it yourself? Maybe you need to make a few adjustments to your project and don't need to hire someone. Perhaps, just a quiet place behind a locked door to relax and focus. Our flexible studio can accommodate virtually every need of media creation and production.