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Heart Of Hollywood Channels 

Available Languages English/Spanish 

Your donation will help us continue to produce these channels and support more artists in our global community.

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Guilty By My Own Desires


Do you ever feel guilty by your own desires? Desires don't only need to refer to lust. Desires are also our deepest wants or wishes. The things that we strive for in life.  What path can we choose to make our  dreams come true?


This talk show welcomes individuals who work in the entertainment industry and related fields. We want to have an open conversation about their decisions and life lessons. We encourage them to share everything that they have encountered while pursuing their burning desires. 

Register here to be interviewed 

Company: Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures 

Production: Guilty By My Own Desires 

Video Host: Giovanna Salas - Film Producer 

Music intro: SCS STUDIO FILMZ - Music producer Scott Stoltz


El sazón de nuestra gente


Queremos conocer la cultura de nuestra comunidad de habla hispana por medio de su gastronomía.


Nuestros invitados te llevarán a descubrir los mejores lugares para deleitar tu paladar con el mejor sazón de tu ciudad. Día: Jueves Hora: 7:00 PM PST Contacto


¿Quieres ser entrevistado? Regístrate aqui. registrate aqui


Compañía: Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures Producción: El sazon de nuestra gente

Conductor: Marcus Herrera Canal:


Choose to Prevail




We will soon launch Choose to Prevail, a brand-new show. Sandy Rodriguez, author of a new book by the same title, will interview inspiring, entertaining guests who have overcome difficulties or obstacles in any aspect of life (career, romance, health, finances, etc.).

Does this describe you? Join us and share your story!


Please fill out this form to be considered. People of any age, gender, occupation, or geographical location are welcome to apply.

Comparte tu corazón y Los sonidos de arte


La conductora Gaby Balderrama ofrece dos programas distintos. Comparte tu corazón es un programa de altruismo y ayuda a la comunidad global.


Los sonidos del arte, por su parte, ofrece conversaciones enriquecedoras con personas que han trabajdo en el mundo artístico.


Día: Martes



​¿Quieres ser entrevistado? Regístrate aqui. registrate aqui

Compañía: Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures

Producciones: Comparte tu corazón y Los sonidos del arte

Conductora: Gaby Balderrama Canal:


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