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Qualification Process For Movies, TV - Series, Documentaries and Short Films

Submission Fee

Movies - Documentaries 

30 - 120 minutes 


Submission Fee

Short Films and Music Videos

1 - 20 minutes 


Heart Of Hollywood Streaming Platform 


Do you have a finished movie that's just been sitting in a drawer? It’s time the world sees your movie and discovers who you are.

We are looking for movies from recent or previous years. Our platform allows you the opportunity to generate income from that project that you worked so hard to create. We welcome diversity. We accept independent art house and studio films on our platform. You don’t even need to have a celebrity in your film. We are looking for the story and good quality production. 

Our streaming platform allows digital content video to stream on all internet-capable devices; it makes it possible for anyone to enjoy independent and studio film productions from all over the world.

Our platform is non-exclusive so you can keep the rights of your film and continue monetizing.


Qualification Process For Content Submission


To submit your content, follow the 4 easy steps that follow. It’s very important to make sure your film and materials meet all the required standards. Your material must meet certain specifications for submission. Please review our submission requirements:

Film Submission Requirements

Note: You must own the rights to everything you submit.



Evaluation Fee 

A fee is required for our staff to review your film and all materials associated with your work to make sure everything is in order. This step is critical to make sure your film conforms to our specifications for work the best presentation possible.

Please click on the following link to get started!

Pay here: https://www.hohmp.com/cinema


After reviewing and conforming your material to our requirements, please submit your content information and materials by filling out the following form: 

Content Information



Submit for review

We will send you FTP login information to upload your complete package onto our server. This requires time to carefully review your work by our qualified staff who will work with you to make sure your film and materials meet all the required standards. Please be patient in this stage of the process. Every platform has its requirements. Standards that have been determined from literally thousands of choices. We are here to help you in this process.




You will receive an email or phone call from our staff to let you know if your film meets the qualifying criteria, or if you need additional material, or if your content is not ready for online distribution through our platform at this time. 



Sign Agreements

If your content and materials pass our review phase, we will contact you for the signing of agreements. When we receive the signed agreement, your content is ready to stream on Heart Of Hollywood Cinema.


Congratulations. Thank you for choosing Heart Of Hollywood Cinema. We look forward to working with you.




There are four ways to generate revenue using Heart Of Hollywood Cinema.


  1. Receive income based on per streaming hour

  2. Your movie will be available to rent or purchase. You will receive 50% of the rental or purchase price

  3. Users will have an opportunity to donate to your current or future projects. You will receive 90% of all donations

  4. Receive a 10% gratuity for any user that subscribes to Heart Of Hollywood Cinema from your content page

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