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Heart of Hollywood Membership provides a platform for like-minded individuals working in or in a relationship with the entertainment industry. Our international networking platform reaches beyond the entertainment industry in multiple areas, such as health, coaching, real estate, and self-empowerment.
The benefits of memberships are tremendous!
Membership Investment
Members pay an annual fee that gives access to networking opportunities, marketing tools, virtual and in-person sessions, members' private chat rooms, discounts, resources to enhance your image and public speaking opportunities. Take advantage of staying connected while expanding your network.
Virtual Interaction
Grow your business by networking with other businesses around the world from the comfort of your home. No need to worry about person-to-person meetings or travel. We have private chat rooms, workshops and online events.
Networking Referrals
Heart of Hollywood takes action! Our referrals system helps you to spread the word about your business through our Heart of Hollywood database.
Member Search Directory
As a Heart of Hollywood Member, you will have access to a private search directory to find other members based on information such as geographic and sector interests, city, country, and social-environmental impact objectives.
Invest in our groups for powerful and lasting connections.

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